Sunday, November 27, 2016

Windows 10 Blue screen of death!! Boat load of QSOs and more

Windows 10 anniversary Update:
The saga continues!! Well Microsoft got me again! They forced the update on me and this is the results. Once a day my PC crashes. The good thing is, it is only once a day and if I reboot before it crashes, it doesn't happen for the rest of the day. Definitely a clue as to what is wrong, don't you think?

Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death
Since Aug 16, 2016 I have 543 CW QSOs logged and 56 JT9 QSOs logged. I am still missing a couple states for 20m JT9 on both LoTW and I am missing MA for LoTW and NM for  I haven't been trying real hard for that. It will happen when it happens. As you can see with only 56 QSOs in three months, I am not really working at it.

WES results for Sept, Oct and Nov 2016:
Month    QSOs  Overall  QRO
Sept         82         24         18
Oct           82         27         20
Nov          93         18         13

Results have been OK. I just S&P, never call CQ. I could probable do a lot better If I did call CQ for awhile. I also cherry pick. Looking for QSOs that will get me closer to one of my goals.

I have not participated in the  SKS for Sept, Oct or Nov. I am usually busy doing something with my wife. We like to play a hand of cribbage every night. We also have about a 1/2 dozen TV shows we like to watch together. After all, she did let me buy my Flex-6300 HIHI.

I have started to put more of an effort into the brags.  I had 104 in Aug, 99 in Sept and 76 in Oct. I am 9th overall for the year so far. Two months to go and falling way behind my goal of 100 brags a month.

Radio is doing very good. New SW updates seem to install rather easily. The next release is going to allow the USB ports on the radio to be used by some devices but not the FlexControl knob.

CWFUN event:
There was an event on Oct 22, 2016. There were 60 people registered but only 34 participants. I was 10th. out of 31 who turned in logs. Always have a fun time with this. Wished more people participated.

Well I finally switched over to a cootie. Or more exactly, single lever Vibroplex wired as a cootie. My hand was just getting too tired using my straight key and I was making too many mistakes. So for better or worst I am now a cootie guy.

Vibroplex Single level key wired as a cootie.
Waiting for a few WAS 20m endorsements from LoTW. Manly digital.

Had to do a little antenna work a couple of weeks back. We had some heavy snow, not a whole lot, but enough to sag my antenna almost to the ground. I also think a branch broke in the tree is was in. So I had to pull it back up to it's original high. So I am good to go!

Nothing to report on this. I have about 3 weeks of vacation that I am taking in December so I will try to at least finish the BiTX20.

All for now - 73

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