Monday, January 28, 2013

Well today is my birthday so I thought  I would do a new posts. Of course I am the only one that reads it.
I finally got a MC-50 mic for my Kenwood and it works great. I bought a VSWR meter for my HW-8 rig and plan to build it soon. I think I will put it in an enclosure with the freq counter I have connected to the HW-8.

 I bought a 80 meter sloper antenna and I have finishing making a 40 meter dipole. I will use these with the Kenwood for now, but some day I will buy a multi-band antenna for the Kenwood and use the other antennas for the HW-8. Just need a warm weekend to put them up.

Too cold in the basement to work on my BITX20, but I will get to it soon. Actually saw a "better" version of this type of radio. It uses CMOS analog switches instead of diodes to do the mixing, and fewer transformers.

I have been logging into several NTS nets the last month or so and been handling traffic. It is mostly "caned" messages not too many original ones but it helps to practice these messages. People are friendly and willing to help you learn. I feel it is important to know how to handle traffic and to keep the practice going.

Till next time.