Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project finished (almost)

Projects are never finished, but this one is functional. See pictures below.
Everything is operational but there are somethings I would like to change or enhance:

1) On the SWR meter there was no spec on the meters as far as current range goes, so I picked a 1ma meter. Turns out I could have picked a higher current meter. I think I will put two series resister in the meter circuit to increase sensitivity. Also the silk screen does not seem to match the functionality Not a big deal I just switch the input and output.

2) I installed the bandwidth pot on the NEScaf  upside down. That could be easy to fix if I wanted to.

3) Box is a little big but I needed something that was wide enough to fit ever thing. I guess the NEScaf controls could have been mounted vertically and save 2 1/2 inches of width.

4) freq counter has a hard time with the 21 mHz signal. I have ordered a RF amp to boast the signal. Also I was thinking of adding a counter input so I can use it for other things. What do you think?

Completed SWR/audio filter/freq counter

Inside view. As you can see plenty of room, SWR on left, audio filter center and freq counter right

Close up of front panel. As you can metal work was not very good.
The good news is I had a CW contact with it already. Not just a CW, but a QRP to QRP contact. K4CML Colin from Newport News VA who was running 3 Watts!!! on 14.050 mHz. Not bad!