Monday, January 6, 2014

New year, and found what was the issue with my 15 meter dipole!

Well it is 2014. The years just seem to fly by.

Let see whats going on. The SKCC is doing their month long special event station K3Y, all band and all call districts. I have 4 contacts so far. They are very good operators and will slow down for you if you need.

Quite by accident I found out what was wrong with my 15 meter dipole. It wasn't the dipole, it was the feed line. The PL-259 connector had a bad solder joint. I discovered this when I was unscrewing it from my antenna switch. The cable was pulling in and out of the connector and I could also twist the cable. So I am thinking this is not right. So I give a tug on the cable and was able to pull the cable out of the connector. I ended up replacing the connector and everything is fine now.

That is all for now.