Sunday, October 20, 2013


The other day I was listening to a couple of gentlemen talking on the radio. They were talking about Kenwood hybrids, and mention about digital displays. Well it turns out there is a digital display for the TS-520S, the DG-5.

After a quick Google search I found one for sale on eBay. It was not working and the seller presumed the power supply was not working. So I bid on it a got it for $65.00. I am an engineer and was  also a tech for many years so I figured I would see if I could fixed it. For 65 bucks what do I have to lose.

So today I started troubleshooting it and found that there was a bad feed-through on the PCB. So using an old trick, I put a piece of wire through the hole and soldered it.

It works!!

Here are a couple of pictures of it