Thursday, July 24, 2014

WRTC and a long time since last post.

Well a lot has gone on since I last posted. First I took the Level two CW academy course from CWops with Mark K5GQ.  Very good and I appreciate Marks effort.

I bought a CW touch keyer for the course. (I couldn't use my straight key for the course). It is a little difficult to use, but I am slowly getting use to it. I also had to buy an adapter to hook it up to my Kenwood TS-520S. Haven't built the adapter yet.

CW Touch Keyer
Went to NEAR-Fest this spring. Didn't buy much, just a few odds and ends for some projects.

Still working on my QRP SWR/Audio filter/Digital display. Got the RF amp just haven't gotten around to building it yet hihi.

I bought a 40, 20 and 10 meter fan dipole antenna at HRO. I plan to use it at my place in VT this summer with my HW-8. Just need to get off my butt to get things going!! Common theme here?

I have participated in two more SKCC WES events, May and July. Got 22 QSOs in May and 13 in June. The June WES was the same weekend as the WRTC and IARU contest, so there was a lot of competition for the frequencies. Also I spent Sunday morning helping to break down our WRTC site.

I was involved in supporting the WRTC July 11 - 13. Wonderful experience and had a lot of fun. Below are some pictures Bob, W1FDR took.

Some of the team, that is me on the left with the droopy sock. BTW the reason we were laughing, John (seated with his head turned) was telling us his some what comical experience using the portable toilet.

Left to right: Bob W1FDR, Lasko LZ3YY, Dave K1HT, Dmitri RA9USU, Soni PY1NX, Craig KC1BZL and me KB1WOD. Taking the picture was John KB1MGI. Lasko and Soni were the WRTC competitors for our site and Dmitri was the Referee.  Our site came in 18th out of 59. Their call sign for the competition was N1Z