Monday, February 17, 2014

K3Y, WES and FE events

Well it has been over a month since I last posted, so lets see what I have been up to.

Ended up with about 9 K3Y stations but not all unique bands. I also worked the SKCC weekend sprint the week end of the 9th and made 12 contacts, including one from the Czech Republic. I am at position 146 with 134 points. This last weekend I tried to do the CWfun fun event. Only made two contacts.  This FE conflicted with the ARRL CW DX contest so it was very hard to actually made any contacts.  As you can see I am not a contester (HIHI) but I did enjoy the events.

Have done some more work on my project but still working on it. Need to wire up the connectors and test it.

I am also working on the SKCC Centurion award. Have 22 stations but I am not really trying to get it in any hurry. Just as the numbers come.

The Baofeng that I am using in my car has been preforming very well. I am getting good reports and can hit the Westford repeater from my house all the way to Boxborough. A lot a people are buying these radios now. An inexpensive yet good radio that you would not mind if you happened to lose it.

Also worked Rod N1SZO a couple of time this month on his 40m QRP Rockmite. Last Saturday he was out on the ice of lake Champlain operating 20m but I could not hear him due to all the QRM this last weekend. He was able to make one contact but he said the QRM was very bad. However, I did work him on Sunday from his house. Remarkable how well those Rockmites work.

All for now 73