Wednesday, October 3, 2018

GFCIs replaced, New SKCC cootie key, New power supply


So a few post ago, I was complaining about the GFCIs my electrician installed. So I bought some Leviton GFCIs and had my electrician replace the ones he installed. Big difference, they work great. The ones that were replaced were from General Protecht. Which are made in China. Lesson learned: "Use the good stuff or you will regret it". By the way, thanks for all the advice I got from the group on this. It really helped

SKCC cootie:

LNR Precision INC. is selling sideswiper keys with the SKCC logo on the base. So I bought one, of course. It was less the $100.00 and arrived about a week ago. I have been using it for awhile and like the feel. It has about a 2 1/2 pound base so it is very stable. They sold out quickly but will do another run of 100 I think.

Thanks Randy KB4QQJ for this cool cootie!! Please visit his QRZ.COM page.
My new SKCC cootie key

Here is a little video of my SKCC sideswiper in action.

Power supply:

I have been using a TekPower power supply model number TP30SWV for a couple of years now. I had a lot of "odd" noise artifacts on my Flex 6300, which I wasn't sure it was from the power supply or not. So I decided to buy a new supply. I bought an Alinco DM-30T from DX Engineering. Boy what a difference. No more funny wandering noise issue. I should have gotten one of these in the first place. Again "Use the the good stuff or you will regret it". I am think about using the TekPower  supply to power my 2 meter rig to see if it cause any issue with it. I am going to say no, because the 2 meter rig is FM so it should be immune to AM noise.


For the September WES I was not able to put in a full day on Saturday, but was able to do so on Sunday. This months theme was Cootie Operators. This is a picture of my "Cootie". I been using it exclusively for about a year now and really enjoy it. 
I was 22nd overall out of 227 and 15th out of 166 in the QRO group. 


Got 71 brags this month. Fell short of my 3 a day goal. I am at 11th place right now but window on brags doesn't close until the 15th of the month.


Still working on this. I have 32 points so far for the 2xQRP award. I need 150.
For 1xQRP I have 52 points. I need 300.


Made 147 CW QSOs in September. Also 7 FT8 contacts just for fun.