Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Baofeng Brothers

Like everyone I get a lot of emails from places I have bought from. Usually I do a cursory glance then delete them.

But I got one from Amazon that had Baofeng UV-5RAs for $31.00. I have one already but it is a great little radio and I couldn't pass up the deal. So I bought it plus a speaker mic and battery eliminator for a total of about $50.00 shipped! So now I have two. Since I have two of everything, I can leave some of the stuff in Vermont. Less stuff to pack when we go up there.

As you can see from the photo below the UV-5RA (on the right) has a different style case and has newer firmware. Everything else seems to be the same, even the charging station. I used it in the car Friday with the battery eliminator and a mag mount antenna on the way home from work and had a very nice QSO with Andy KB1OIQ. Very happy with it and not afraid to leave it in the car.

All for now -30-

The Baofeng brothers family photo