Monday, August 15, 2016

Dog days of Summer.

Like the title says, things are slow.

Well I made Senator times 2 this last week. That is another unique 200 SKCC Tribune or Senator contacts.  I didn't do the WES or SKS in June. For the WES I was away for the weekend so didn't operate. For the SKS, just lazy this month. Update: Now it is August!! It is taking me forever to post this. So for July, I didn't do the WES again for two reasons:
1) was down in MA visiting with the my grandson and
2) Wind storm took down my ant.

I was able to do the July SKS but stayed on 40m because I was using my fan dipole that is in the attic. It causes RFI problems on 20ms so I limited my operating to 40.

Got my OCF back up before the Aug WES. Boy did I miss having it. I was able to work one day of the Aug WES and made 36 contacts.

Sunday we went to the "Wings over Vermont" air show in Burlington, VT so no operating Sunday. However, I did get to shake the hand of Col. Charles McGee one of the Tuskegee airmen from the famed Red Tails. See picture below. What an honor!!

Col. Charles McGee Red Tail pilot. He is 96 years old

I did manage to record 51 Brag QSOs for June.

I have been doing some more JT9 operating. I would like to get 20m WAS on LoTW.  Right now I have 46. I am missing MA, NE, UT and, of course, VT.
For DXCC, I have 74 in both LoTW and This will come. I am not really chasing it at the moment.

Working on the 160m Slopper. First attempt to hang the rope failed. Mono-filament line broke when I tried to pull attached rope over the top of the tree. I think I need heaver line.

Well 160m is on hold for awhile. We had a HUGH wind storm on July 23 which brought down the tree that was holding up one end of my OCF dipole. It has taken me awhile to get it back up. Oh ya, It also took out my Slim Jim ant so no 2 meters either.
Tree holding up my antenna laying on the left. 

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