Sunday, March 19, 2017

Windows 10 Anniversary BSD.. IT'S ALIVE!! K3Y event, Andy K3UK is retiring, WES events, Brags, Latest Flex 6000 updates and NRR.

Well it has been four months since I last posted. I was going to wait until I got my K3Y QSL card in the mail, but that hasn't happened yet. So when it does I will update this post.

Update: QSL cards have arrived!

Windows 10 BSD:
Well finally my computer is back to running fine. The latest updates to windows has resolved my once a day Blue Screen of Death. So this gives me less reason to buy that shiny new thing.

K3Y Event:
This is a month long event in January, where volunteers use the special event call K3Y/* (* is 0-9, KH6, KL6, KP4). You try to work as many regions and bands as you can. There are also DX regions. However they can not use the K3Y call sign since they are not U.S. areas. They usually call CQ K3Y then their own call sign. Not hard to tell what region they are in.

Last year I filled in a 101 slots. This year only 70. Might not seem so good. But the top station with all Bands-Areas was only 110, so not too bad I would say there were 20 stations that got more then me.

Like last year, I only was able to get 18 out of the 19 regions. Last year it was AS I couldn't get. This year is was SA I couldn't get. This had more to do with lack of reliable operators and what band they were working at what time. If you are interested about the K3Y event, follow the link below:
K3Y Home Page  

2017 K3Y QSL Card 

I have 467 QSOs since Nov 26. 1 SSB 11 JT9 and all the rest CW.

Did not do WES in December 2016 or January 2017. I did do February and March of 2017.
Month   QSOs    overall    QRO
Feb        101       21            13
March     57       33             20

Finished off 2016 with 52 brags in Nov and 51 in Dec for a total of 872 brags for 2016. An average of 72 brags a month and in 10th place for the year.

For 2017 brags counts are 62 for January and 80 for February. Not in the top 12 yet but consistence is what counts. We will see how we have done by the end of the year.

Flex 6000 Software:
Well the "beta" releases are over and now I have upgraded to version 1.10.16 All went well. Had a slight problem with the CAT interface, but was able to resolve it easily. I could not happier with this radio. Just works like a charm.

Andy K3UK retiring:
Andy hosted the SKCC sked page for many years. He has decided to retire and give up the sked page. I want to thank Andy for all his fine work and wish him the best of luck in his retirement.


Since Andy no longer maintains the sked page, Mark K7MJG has developed a new sked page. It will be under the control of the SKCC group and therefore has a new link:

SKCC Sked Page

Novice Rig Roundup:
This was my first time participating in the NRR. Only made 5 QSOs all on 40ms but had fun. Also made me realize how much better the Flex is then my old novice rig. Biggest problem with the HW-8 is it is a double side band receiver. Effectively you have demodulation of signals above and below the carrier. Very hard to use with a crowded band. I have had this rig pictured here before. I have a home made antenna tuner and some extra goodies in the big box, such as SWR meter, audio filter and a digital frequency read out. The key is a MFJ-553. Cheap but works just fine.
HW-8 Novice rig

LoTW: JT9 WAS 20m. I have been working on this one for over a year.The hardest states to get were the ones closest to VT. I believe MA was the last state I got.

I am still working on JT9 WAS 20m. There I need NM. I have the QSO but the station has not or will not confirm it. Which is funny, because he confirmed it in LoTW and he is active on Go figure.

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