Sunday, February 4, 2024

Wallpaper, another great K3Y event and Remembering Curt K2CWM

 I'm back! I haven't posted since May 2023. I got sidetracked for the Summer and Fall playing golf and really didn't do too much Ham radio. Actually none at all. 

But January came along and my favorite activity was in full swing (K3Y)  so here I am, so let's get started!


Last spring I decide to get my ARRL DXCC. I was finally awarded it on May 6 2023. I decided it was time to put up some wallpaper. The ones displayed aren't all of my awards, just the ones I felt needed to be displayed. 

I also use but yet to achieve either WAS or DXCC. I have certainly made enough contacts to earn these awards but I guess people are not using the service as much as LoTW and QRZ. Actually, QRZ can import my LoTW log so I guess it is just LoTW more then QRZ. (nit picking).

ARRL WAS and DXCC also QRZ DX and WAS.

These are some of my SKCC awards, WAS-S, Senator and 2xQRP

K3Y Event:

K3Y event is now over and it was a great month for me. I've posted some stats for the month below.

(last years totals)

Total QSO for January : 281 (208)

Total SKCC Brags : 170 (130)

Total K3Y unique operates worked : 135 (115)

Total Band slots : 124 (120) 

US Entities Worked (50 States + DC & PR): 45

Continents: 6 out of 6

DX Entities: 13 out of 18

As you can see results are much better than last years. I also got the Grand Sweep.  QSL card are usually sent out before June. Anyone can participate, you don't have to be a member and you can still get a QSL card.

We are pretty much at the peak of sunspot cycle so it was much easy to make those rare contacts. For equipment I have a Flex 6400 100W and an 80-10M OCF Windom dipole up maybe 35 to 50 feet. Really don't need much to do well.

Log band slot map

Remembering Curt K2CWM:
I never meet Curt in person but we chatted many times in QSOs and on the Sked page. He always left a comment on my posts to encourage me to keep at it. We were also FB friends and I followed his  many  exploits and his travels to Tennessee to visit his family. I do miss him. God Bless Curt 73!

All for now. Hope to post again soon.


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