Sunday, February 21, 2016

K3Y anniversary event, WAS awards and MORE!!(click bait)

K3Y anniversary event:
Had a total of 94 K3Y contacts. Only region I was not able to get was Asia and the only band I was not able to work was 6 meters. Asian stations only had a total on 101 QSOs, the lowest of all regions (only three operators). 6 meters only had 15 total QSOs, the lowest of all bands. So not to get either is understandable, especially being in VT. If you go here K3Y-statistics participants and search on my call sign, you can see my results. I think next year I will try and work as a K3Y station. I still lack a little confidence to have done it this year. After all, I have only had my license for four years and CW is still a struggle for me. I also want to use my Speed-X semi-automatic key. My hand gets very tired using the straight key. But I still need a lot of practice before I am comfortable using it.

160m Sloper antenna:
I have been encouraged by the few 160 meters QSOs I have had with my OCF 80-6 meter dipole to think about putting up a 160 meter Sloper antenna. I ordered one from   for about $70.00 or so. I think they are $20.00 off at the moment. I am curious to see how it performs. The reason I decided to get a separate antenna for 160 is I worry about the high SWR with my OCF dipole. I keep the power low so as not, hopefully, damage my radio.

160 meter Sloper

WAS awards:
Well I finally got the ARRL mixed mode WAS (LoTW). I already have mixed mode WAS from QRZ and, and Mixed CW on QRZ. I am one shy of 50 for ARRL CW. I need North Dakota. If you know anyone in ND that uses LoTW and is willing to do some CW, please let me know.

February WES:
Did not do the January WES. I was down in MA for a family get together, so I missed it. However, I did manage to work the February WES and had my personal best of 110 QSOs. I was 22nd overall and 13th in my category. Propagation was very good, with a number of 10 meter contacts.

I am pretty much a CW geek now. It is all I have done for the last couple of months. Occasionally someone will ask me for a digital or SSB QSO for WAS, but that is about it.

Since Jan 8 I have had 249 QSOs of which I have recorded 82 as K3Y, which I shouldn't have, but oh well. I have asked  K3Y operators to let me know if they wanted me to log them under their personal call sign and some did.  Some logged QSOs to so I confirmed them already and also unloaded to LoTW. However, LoTW does not let you know if another station is waiting for you to confirm their QSL, so I don't know if they want my QSL or not. One of things I don't like about LoTW.

I did not participate in the NAQCC January or February sprints or the SKS in January. Hope to do the February SKS.

The rig has been working great. There has been two software updates, but I have not yet installed them. There is always some issue with CAT and DAX ports not working correctly so I will wait awhile. Basically the 1.6 release has more to do with contesting then anything else. The 1.5 release still has the problem of forgetting settings when changing bands but I get around that by typing in the frequency in rather then changing the band. The devil you know right?

Windows 10:
I have been running Windows 10 now with no real problems. I had it crash when I was trying to do something with Skype, I think, but I really don't use Skype so not an issue right now.

Well let me say it. I have been very lazy with projects so shame on me.

If you have any comments or ideas I would like to hear them.

All for now -73-

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