Friday, January 8, 2016

Software is my friend, software is my friend, A chicken in every pot!!

Windows 10:
Well for some strange reason I was able to upgrade my computer that wasn't able to be upgraded  before because of problems with the graphics driver software not being compatible with Windows 10. Go figure!

Windows 10 installed easily and works fine on my computer. The only issue was I had to completed uninstall SmartSDR including removing all hidden devices in the device manager. The big benefit is all my USB serial devices seem to work now.

My Ham computer running Windows 10 (32 bit version)

Got my SKCC Tx8 Nov 21. That was quite a struggle. Got my Sx1 on Jan 3. "As your Senator, I promise you a chicken in every pot!". I am the first Senator from Vermont. There are only 57 SKCC members in Vermont so I don't know if this is such a big deal. Also got my SKCC WAS on Jan 7. All I need now is IA C/T/S for WAS-C.

January is also SKCC month long anniversary event, K3Y. See K3Y Home Page for details.
I have 42 confirmed contacts out of a possible 129 and It is only the 8th today, so I should get a few more.

I will keep trying to get more levels and improve my sprint scores as I go on.

Don't know what my next big goal will be.

Since Oct 23 I have 620 QSOs logged in LoTW. Really pounding the Brass HIHI! Of those, 22 are JT9. I am trying to get WAS for JT9 on 20 meters got about 5 to go.

All is good now with the rig. Since I was able to upgrade my "old" clunker to Windows 10, everything seems to work just fine., including the FlexControl!!

FlexControl now works great!!

NAQCC Sprint:
I did both the November and December sprints. I was 2nd in November with 13 QSOs and 3rd in December with 10 QSOs in my category. This is a fun event to do. Try it sometime.

I also did both the November and December sprints. I was 21st overall and 18th in my category in  November with 70 QSOs and 33rd overall and 21st in my category in December with 78 QSOs. Always have a good time with this event.

Participated in both the November and December two hour sprints. For November I was 37th overall and 31st in my category. For December I was 32nd overall and 27th in my category.

I participated in Event 17 and was 7th with 28 QSOs. This is a small event with only 29 participants of which I only had 15 unique call signs logged.

I have been practicing with my Speed-X bug with the 1.9 oz weight. doing OK but need much more practice before I start to use it on the air. (too many or too few dits)

Speed-X with 1.9 oz weight.

Installed a new program called VOAProp from this link VOAProp  It is a graphical display of probable propagation paths for any point you chose ( probably your home QTH) to any other point. It uses the VOACAP forecasting software (Voice Of America Coverage Analysis Program)  to generate the data for display. This software is not perfect!! It will only give you a feel for how well you will get to certain areas of the world. It is still a good idea to actually check the bands to see how there are doing.

For instance, station E5SKCC from South Cook Islands was on 40 meters. VOAProp said there was no path from my QTH to there. However, I heard him and we exchanged info. So use it as an aid to where you are more likely to be successful with a QSO.

One last thing. I think W8AMZ store is out of business. Web page is gone. It is a shame, I really liked their antennas and they were a little cheaper then other companies.

That is all I can think of for now.

73 Dave KB1WOD

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