Friday, September 6, 2013

Been a long time. Lets see if I can remember what happen this summer.

I did go to NEAR-Fest. A lot of stuff. I am not calling it junk, but..... Oh well. I will probable go again in October to see if I can get a 2 meter rig cheap.

My HW-8 started having problems. I am getting a very load buzz on the audio. I can still receive so most the radio is OK. Probable a filter cap has gone.

I bought a couple of headphones, A Hamilton MPC-2900PC (32 ohms)  and a Califone 3068AV (1000 ohms). The HW-8 manual says it requires a 1000 ohms impedance where the TS-520S requires 8 to 16 ohms. So I use the Hamilton on the Kenwood and the Califone on the HW-8.

Still have not made any contacts on the 80 meter sloper. 80 doesn't seem to have a lot activity on it so I don't know if the antenna works properly or not. I can tune up on it so I assume it will work.

I also bought a 15 meter dipole but haven't put it up yet. real soon now hihi.

As far NTS, the Boston repeater is somewhat working again with a temporary antenna. But now the Paxton repeater has problems with its transmitting antenna so I can't hear it very well. This limits my activity on the cm2m net. HHTN is still good and I still check in as often as I can.

Not real happy with the key I bought from MFJ. It is too stiff and it is kind of lopsided. The Navy keys look great!!

Here is a picture of my keys, two Navy and one MFJ. I am using the one on the left right now.

My straight keys

In addition to being a member of NAQCC and SKCC, I have joined FIST. I feel CW is an important part of amateur radio, even though it is not required. It is still very exciting to make CW contacts. I get a real feeling of accomplishment.

Tried running EasyPal software but I am having issue with the PTT on the serial port. It seems that Windows 7 initializes the RTS and DTR to on (or + voltage)  and the EasyPal software apparently leaves it in this state when in the receive mode. It only effects the RTS and DTR when it goes in the transmit mode. I know this because if I set the RTS or DTR to be low ( - voltage) during transmit, it puts the radio in the receive mode when is should be transmitting. Tried to get some help from the developer but he never answered my email. Well you get what you pay for.....

Below is a picture of my BiTX20 project. Hasn't changed since May hihi. They are about to sell a complete kit with a case. I think I will buy it.

BiTX20 transceiver 

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