Monday, April 22, 2013

Well it has been over a month since I last posted. Since last month I have joined the SKCC, bought an audio filter for my HW-8 and made some more CW and PSK31 contacts. Actually made a California CW contact. with my Kenwood TS-520S on 20 meters. Since I am fairly new I don't know if the better prop for 20 meters is seasonal or sun spot cyclic.

I have also bought a couple of straight keys on from MFJ and another Navy flame proof key 
(CMI-26003A) off of eBay. I also bought a couple of bases for the Navy keys. Look real nice.
Still been busy with the NTS nets, thought the EM2M net has been out of service due to antenna problems. I understand they can't get up there to fix it due to OSHA. Don't know exactly why.

NEAR-Fest is coming up in May. I plan to get there this year. At least for Saturday hihi.

Tried a new mode this last month called "digital voice" see
Interesting but not very reliable yet. They are working on it and it is fun to try doing a QSO. If you can do PSK31 then you can do this.

Everyone knows the tragedy we had here this last week. All I will say is I hope all those affected will recover, and those that died are in a better place.

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