Saturday, August 15, 2015

More antenna stuff, operating and Log book conversion

Well I guess it has been long enough since my last post. Lets see what has been happening.

Finally got my 2m/70cm Slim Jim antenna up. It is hanging in a tree in the back yard. I have two of these antennas. I had one for each of my QTHs when I had two houses. So I got a spare.

As far as repeaters, I can only get four from my house. Williamstown, Norwich, Windsor and Bolton. Have made about a half a dozen contacts, mostly on the Bolton repeater.

Doing some more CW a little PSK31 and JT65. A new mode I have been using is JT9. Less bandwidth then JT65 and 2db more sensitive then JT65. Here is a link for information on this mode. JT9 info I find that JT65 gets very crowded and it is sometimes very hard to get into a QSO.

My code speed is improving and I am starting to do some coping in my head. But I still write most everything down when I am in a QSO.

This last weekend (Aug 8,9) I was able to get in some WES contacts. 35 in all and 6 cootie contacts for 90 bonus points. I was 71st overall and 53 in the QRO category.  I was not able to do June or July due to prior commitments.

Log Book:
I was able to get enough SKCC contacts to get my Tx2. My biggest problem was converting the excel spreadsheet I used for my T to an adif format so I could import it into the SKCC logger program. Which I am using for the rest of the TxN. That took me all day. Basically you convert each cell into the appropriate adif format then save it as a text file. The following link is where I found the basics.

AB2RF Excel-ADIF-conversion link

These are the cell commands I used for my conversion. I am using open office, so the commands are slightly different then from Microsoft excel.


The biggest issue I had was getting the date formatted correctly. I ended up making the dates just numbers and then it worked ok using the cell command above for the date. There is probable a better way to do the date, but I am only going to do this once so as long as I get there I am fine.


Finally got the Kenwood TS-520S back on the air. I have my SpeedX key on it. I hope to learn how to use it.

Better post this now or I will never get done.


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