Friday, November 23, 2012

OK It has been awhile. Got my Kenwood TS-520S setup on 20 meters and doing a lot of PSK31. Last night I chatted with an amateur on board an oil tanker in the Gulf. This wouldn't be unusual except it was about 8:00 pm and 20 meters is usually very quite then. He came in very strong. The benefits of operating on water. He said he can make contact with people in the south Pacific from the Gulf. Couldn't believe it! After I finished our QSO, he was talking to someone on an island east of Madagascar. That blew my mind.

I have moved my shack from the porch to the spare bedroom right next to the porch. It was just getting too cold.

Also made a CW contact on the Kenwood. Things are starting to come together. This weekend I will work some more on the BitX20 See if I can get the power amp running.

All for now and thanks for dropping by!

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